About Landz

Landz–the software & marketplace that’s changing the face of Metaverse interoperability.

The Metaverse continues to evolve and expand, and the opportunity within the digital real estate space has never been more clear.

Landz empowers investors, businesses, and individuals establish their identities in the Metaverse and make their mark in web3–all through digital assets that are completely interoperable and are easily transferable across Metaverses.

With our growing number of collections, each property is full of utility, monetization features, and personalization capabilities to bring real value to asset holders within the Metaverse. And for a fraction of the normal design costs of virtual properties, you can own a piece of Metaverse real estate that’s highly customized to your aesthetics and needs.

So whether you want to host friends for a party in your Mansion, meet with potential clients in your HQ, throw a product line launch party in your Museum, or hold a DJ set in your Arena, Landz is your key to the ultimate immersive Metaverse experience.

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