New Partnership Alert: SuperWorld

Landz has struck yet another partnership with SuperWorld, an AR virtual world geographically mapped onto the real planet that allows users to buy, sell, and monetize their properties. The partnership aims to bring some exciting perks for the community members and unlock more ways to access virtual real estate for everyone willing to enter the metaverse space. 

About SuperWorld

SuperWorld is a virtual world platform that offers digital real-estate assets in the form of NFTs, where every plot corresponds to real-world entities. Users can easily buy, sell, or monetize their assets in the metaverse and open multiple revenue streams for themselves. Besides that, this AR metaverse platform also offers a SuperWorld marketplace for NFT creators to showcase and sell their creations. 

About Landz

Landz is the first platform that provides virtual real-estate NFT collections that are accessible in various metaverse platforms like Decentraland, The Sandbox, Spatial, and many more on the way. Our digital assets are classified into three types - Mansions, Museums, and Headquarters - that inherit various properties and satiate different users' needs. What’s more exciting about Landz is the fact that our virtual assets can be easily customized, thus allowing users to add a personal touch to their assets.