The Landz Reveal is Here

With the “REVEAL,” holders of Landz Mansions, Museums, and HQs will finally get to discover which of the assets they minted.

At Landz, we have 6 Mansions, 4 Museums, and 3 HQs that come with randomized attributes, amenities, colors, neons, and designs. Currently, holders have a generic animation of the NFT in their wallets.

Post-REVEAL, holders will see a video of their minted asset, revealing all amenities, neons, and color variations. These amenities and their rarities can also be viewed on OpenSea. Within 2-3 weeks of the REVEAL, Holders can access their Landz asset in Spatial, with a supported personalization option. Next, with the launch of Landz middleware, holders will finally be able to use advanced personalization and customization option. 

Because of such amenities & utilities, some of which are rarer than the others, the Landz Collection is also a great NFT Collectible. Having more assets gives you more chances to hold rare assets of the collection.