Landz X Sandbox Partnership Alert

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with one of the most coveted metaverse brands in the industry, a.k.a. The Sandbox. With this collaboration in place, Landz holders will be able to become a part of Sandbox’s network by deploying the virtual NFT collection onto their platform. The deployment on Sandbox will take place in the month of December 2022 with the launch of our middleware tech, allowing more advanced customization capabilities and access to other metaverse worlds. 

About The Sandbox

The Sandbox is one of the most popular and advanced metaverse platforms that empower users to build, sell, and monetize their creations or NFTs (like virtual real estate) on their platform. The Sandbox aims to disrupt the gaming industry by leveraging blockchain and NFT technology and providing users with secure ownership of their assets, which, however, is not possible with traditional platforms. With its User-Generated Content system that comprises a 3D modeling tool, a marketplace, and a game maker, this metaverse platform provides a comprehensive experience to its users, ensuring they get the most out of their decentralized gaming platform. 


About Landz

Landz is a luxury real-estate NFT platform that presents novel ways of hosting conferences, parties, meetings, events, and anything you could imagine. Landz digital assets are interoperable among the most well-known metaverse platforms, including The Sandbox, Decentraland, Spatial, and many more. With Landz, you can choose between a varied set of virtual assets classified as Museums, Mansions, and Headquarters and a few exceptional amenities that give your assets a unique look. What’s more exciting about Landz is the fact that our virtual assets can be easily customized, thus allowing users to add a personal touch to their assets.