Landz X Worlds Beyond NFT

Landz entered another exciting partnership with Worlds Beyond NFT, a metaverse platform where users can play, build, or host any type of gaming event for community members. This partnership between Landz and Worlds Beyond NFT can completely change the way how their community members or the audience ever interacted in the metaverse. Both platforms are excited about the association and will unveil more utilities in near future. 

About Worlds Beyond NFT

Worlds Beyond NFT is a metaverse platform where users can give life to their imagination and host, build, or play different games such as zombie survival, battle royale, wilderness survival, and more. As per your interaction in their ecosystem - player, land owner, or content creator - you can enjoy different benefits paired with different roles such as a land owner can earn passive revenue from gate fees and much more. Moreover, the platform also intends to add an internal NFT marketplace with a profit distribution model for NFT creators in Q2 of 2023. 


About Landz 

Landz is a luxury real-estate NFT platform that presents novel ways of hosting conferences, parties, meetings, events, and anything you could imagine. Landz digital assets are interoperable among the most well-known metaverse platforms that include The Sandbox, Decentraland, Spatial, and many more. With Landz, you can choose between a varied set of virtual assets classified as Museums, Mansions, and Headquarters and a few special amenities that give your assets a unique look. What’s more exciting about Landz is the fact that our virtual assets can be easily customized, thus allowing users to add a personal touch to their assets.