Over the Reality X Landz Partnership Alert

Landz has struck an official strategic partnership with Over the Reality, a metaverse platform that intertwines the physical and virtual world through augmented reality (AR). The partnership is geared towards bringing virtual real-estate assets to the masses and making them more accessible. As a part of this collaboration, Landz x Over the Reality has already launched a Play-to-earn game with a massive pool prize of $4500 USD in NFTs. The winner will be rewarded with an artistic Landz museum, whereas the runner-ups (2nd to 8th position) will get a huge Land Mansion NFT. 

About Over the Reality

Over the Reality stands on its name and enables users to experience an immersive virtual world with the use of their mobile devices. Users can also use smart glasses and AR headsets to experience the metaverse through AR technology. Whether it be simple static content or highly realistic scenes, Over the Reality merges the virtual content and real-world surroundings seamlessly and provides an exceptional environment for its users - all thanks to its Web Builder and Unity 3D-based SDK. 

About Landz

Landz is the first platform that provides virtual real-estate NFT collections that are interoperable in major metaverse platforms such as The Sandbox, Decentraland, Spatial, Polyland, and many more to come. Our digital assets are classified into three types - Mansions, Museums, and Headquarters - that inherit various properties and satiate different users' needs. What’s more exciting about Landz is the fact that our virtual assets can be easily customized, thus allowing users to add a personal and unique touch to their assets.