The Estates’
NFT Collection

A collection of 555 Mansions, 555 HQs, 555 Showrooms meticulously designed by the Multiverse’s top architects.

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Rent’a land

Landz’ NFT owners can rent a Decentraland or Sandbox set of parcels to deploy their NFTs. As
easy as 1,2,3.

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Landz offers curated & customized Go-to-market solutions for investors and brands interested in
Web 3.0

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Premium Partnerships


NFT Collection

Meet ‘The Estates’

Landz’ exclusive NFT drop in collab with the Metaverse’s top
architects and influencers.




HQ Compounds


Flagship Showrooms



  • On The Sandbox
  • The epotome of luxury and style.
  • 1 ETH / mansion
  • Sign up here to be whitelisted for the event.*


HQ compounds

  • On The Sandbox
  • The apex of your corporate dominance and reach
  • 2 ETH / HQ compound
  • Sign up here to be whitelisted for the event.*


Flagship Showrooms

  • On The Sandbox
  • The crown jewel of retail statements
  • 2 ETH / Showroom
  • Sign up here to be whitelisted for the event.*

01 Launch

Join our Discord and be the first to learn about our NFT release dates for:

  • The Mansions
  • The HQ Compounds
  • The Flagship Showrooms

02 Mint

On the release date, visit Landz.io and connect your Wallet to purchase and mint any of the Estates.

03 Rent’a Land with your NFT

Visit Landz.io after minting your Estate NFT, and choose visit ‘Rent’a Land’ to launch your Estate on the Sandbox in one of Landz’ plots for a month-to-month flat rent.


01. How can I use my NFT?

The Estates NFTs are a one of kind NFT asset. They contain a high-res 3D representation of your virtual real estate asset, as well as files that can be deployed in both Decentraland and the Sandbox (under their respective technical standards).

The standard size of an Estate NFT development will occupy approximately 1/6th of a plot in the Sandbox, and a 3×3 plot size in Decentraland.

You can thereafter use your NFT as a proud representation of your owned virtual mansion, HQ or showroom, or deploy it over a piece of land for any use case.

02. What will the mint price be?

Mansions will go for 1 ETH each. HQ compounds for 2 ETH each. And Flagship Showrooms for 2 ETH each. There will be a limit of 3 NFTs that can be purchased per wallet.

03. When is the official Launch?

The official launch of the Estates NFT is upcoming. To be sure to be notified about the release and mint date, please sign up here to be whitelisted for the event.

04. How do I get whitelisted?

You could sign up here to be whitelisted. All whitelisted emails will receive notification by email of the release and mint dates.

05. What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is a virtual ecosystem where users can interact, experience, transact and generate value together. Whether immersive of not, many see it as the next iteration of the internet, where people and companies can establish a virtual 3d presence (virtual houses, offices, retail spaces, galleries, etc.. for avatars to visit). By extension, we call Web3.0 the surrounding economy that enables trading of assets in the metaverse such as NFTs. Avatars can for example visit an NFT gallery or a virtual showroom and buy NFT assets, for use in the metaverse (avatar fashion, etc…) or to be redeemed in the real world. Similar to the trend that pushed several companies to create a webpage for their activity in the late 1990s, several entities are interested in establishing an early presence in the Metaverse. It has the potential to showcase their brand or offerings to millions of visitors in the future, a bit like a flagship showroom or office for everyone to visit in one of the metaverse applications such as Decentraland, the Sandbox, etc…

Rent’ a Land

If you own a Landz NFT or have developed your virtual real estate, you can rent a piece of virtual land to deploy it over and establish your presence in the snap of a finger.

  • 1×1 plot 0.3 ETH/month
  • 2×2 plot 1 ETH/month
  • 3×3 plot 1.5 ETH/month
  • 1×1 plot 0.3 ETH/month
  • 2×2 plot 1 ETH/month
  • 3×3 plot 1.5 ETH/month


01. How does it work?

Anyone can participate in the Rent’a Land program. If you are the owner of an Estate NFT, in a few clicks, you can choose to rent a plot in Decentraland or the Sandbox to deploy your virtual asset. Landz will assist you in that deployment using the corresponding files contained in your Estate NFT.

If you don’t own an Estate NFT, you can still participate in the program and rent land on which you can develop virtual content to deploy over your land.

02. What are the payment terms?

Rentals are paid month-to-month in advance (you pay the 1st day of a monthly rental period in full for the 30 days that follow).

03. Is there a commitment?

You can terminate your lease at any time and for any reason by providing notice before month-end. Your rental will then terminate on the last day of the month in which you provided your termination notice.

04. Decentraland or Sandbox?

Both Decentraland or the Sandbox are metaverse applications that have known significant user interest over the past year. They are free to play and have a finite quantity of virtual land, sellable as NFTs. Land owners can choose the type of development to erect on their digital parcels. In Decentraland, all parcels except for Plazas and Roads can be purchased. Mana is the crypto-token of the space. Decentraland features a Fashion District, a Vegas District, a Voltaire Art District where Sotheby launched a virtual gallery, Crypto Valley and more. The Sandbox resembles the world of Minecraft and has seen several gaming and corporate projects come to fruition. Its crypto-token is the Sand. Adidas, Atari and Snoop Dog are among the first big names that entered the Sandbox. A parcel size in the Sandbox is fairly large: 9,216 square meters, to be compared to 246 square meters for one parcel in Decentraland. In both applications, land is finite, introducing the notion of scarcity leading to speculation from investors on top of real use case development opportunities.

05. Does it matter where my land is located?

As it stands in the real world, real estate is about : Location, Location, Location. It is only partly true in the Metaverse. While exposure to the road in Decentraland or proximity to renowned developments can be key to gaining exposure to avatars roaming around, in its early days, the Metaverse is not yet seeing a lot of ‘virtual foot traffic’ and is really configured as an aggregate of ‘destination places’, referenced by coordinates, that an avatar can ‘jump into’. This is why any place in one of these platforms can be the right place for your development, a bit like a domain name is a destination address for your business on the world wide web. Since your virtual developments can be easily transferred from one place to another, why not starting where it is convenient or affordable? You can always upgrade to a better locat or larger piece of virtual land in the future.

Metaverse Consulting

Want to make your entry in the metaverse, but not sure how?
We are here to help.

From land acquisition to the development of a turnkey retail store in the metaverse, Landz has helped several brands figure out their best web3 strategy.

Our consulting teams have developed best practices and proprietary tools to identify the right opportunities and development teams to build your metaverse presence.

At Landz, we represent buyers and sellers in the following Metaverse platforms:
We offer consulting services and customized solutions in:

Virtual land acquisition

Virtual land development

Virtual events

Play2Earn experiences

Creating NFT collections

Developing virtual communities


01. What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is a virtual ecosystem where users can interact, experience, transact and generate value together. Whether immersive of not, many see it as the next iteration of the internet, where people and companies can establish a virtual 3d presence (virtual houses, offices, retail spaces, galleries, etc.. for avatars to visit).

02. Why Landz?

Landz is a metaverse real estate consultant and agency. Our goal is to simplify access to the Metaverse for people and companies. We offer brokerage and consulting services, access to buying or renting virtual plots of land, as well pre-designed virtual developments that can be deployed in the Metaverse very quickly.

03. Why would I want land in the Metaverse?

Owning a piece of land in the Metaverse can serve two purposes. For investors, it is a way to speculate on the growth of a given Metaverse platform. Most renowned platforms such as Decentraland or The Sandbox have a finite number of virtual real estate parcels. That scarcity has been driving up the price of owning land in those platforms. The more use cases appear involving people and companies in those platforms, the more likely it is that the underlying virtual real estate will appreciate. So it is an investment tool for many investors, the same way they would purchase a real estate asset in the real world.
For developers looking to deploy a use case, it is the underlying asset on which they can develop a virtual store to sell NFTs, a virtual house, a virtual museum to display their digital assets, etc…

04. Why would I want a house/office/store in the Metaverse?

The same way that companies have looked to develop a visual presence on the World Wide Web in the late 1990s, even before e-commerce became mainstream, several companies want to be early adopters of the Metaverse and establish a presence before it really goes mainstream. This can mean the need to develop a virtual office building, showroom or house as a way to signal their presence in the space. It can also be an asset that allows for gamified experiences, virtual events, or the display of digital assets for sale, either to be used on avatars in the Metaverse (avatar fashion, accessories, etc..) or to be redeemed in the real world. The latter is a developing trend by which avatars browse virtual goods in virtual stores and decide to buy their NFTs and receive the real good counterpart in the real world. This is a new way to do commerce. We went from omni-channel commerce (when stores were using the internet to supplement their sales) to omni-verse commerce (stores are using the metaverse to supplement their real-world sales).


Brands who have worked with us:

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