Partner Metaverses

Partnered with the Best

Landz has partnered with the top Metaverse platforms to bring Club members a premium experience in all corners of the Metaverse. With our scheduling tool, easily deploy your Landz asset for any reason onto a plot of Club-owned land within one of our partner Metaverses.

Each Metaverse has its own perks and specific use cases, so you can learn more about our partner Metaverses here:

Ground zero for deployment. No land ownership is needed to deploy your Landz asset in Spatial, which continues to be one of the leading Metaverse platforms today.
Characterized by its easily-accessible platform built for socializing and holding or attending events, Spatial has low barriers to access, and is all about bringing brands and creators together in a culture-focused Metaverse.
Access your own property environment in Spatial, customize the art on the walls, invite friends over or share your screen on one of the Landz monitors in your backyard. This is just a taste of the full Spatial/Landz experience.

The Sandbox

A virtual world hosted on the Ethereum blockchain where users create, interact, and monetize gaming experiences.
The Sandbox is all about gaming, having fun, and connecting with others, and has a tight-knit community characterized by being playful but fair.
The Sandbox game is not live yet, but when it is, your Landz asset will see its glory days on the most playable metaverse platform of all times.


Decentraland Decentraland

One of the flagship Metaverse platforms, Decentraland is a virtual 3-D world on the Ethereum blockchain where people deploy digital assets, buy and sell land, and interact with others.
Simply put, Decentraland is the place to be in the Metaverse

Poly Poly Land Land

This is a highly realistic and immersive play-to-earn platform built on the Polygon blockchain. Though it’s not slated for public release until mid-2023, there is still a lot for Metaverse users to get excited about in the meantime.
The platform will be completely free to play, giving users endless possibilities for what can be done within the metaverse. Within Polyland, players can also monetize content and other features to enrich and expand the game. UPLAND

Built on the EOS mainnet blockchain, offers true ownership of NFT properties mapped to real-world locations. Within the platform, users can buy, sell and trade virtual properties, and build on their digital real estate.


A virtual AR world that is a digital rendition of the Earth, so every plot of virtual real estate in SuperWorld is an NFT corresponding to a real-world location. Users can buy, sell, and monetize activity on their properties.


Somnium Space

A totally-immersive virtual reality world built on the Ethereum blockchain, Somnium Space is an open-source platform that allows users to create a space, customize and monetize it.
Users can create their own houses, towns, and communities, as well as explore other users’ creations. Somnium Space has put a large emphasis on visuals, so it’s not as widely accessible as some of our other Metaverse partners.


Merging the physical and virtual worlds through AR, OVER is the decentralized infrastructure with endless potential for creators.
Users can buy, sell or rent land on the platform, and content creators can leverage their contributions to the metaverse by building and launching their own AR experiences.